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Venice & the northern islands of the Venetian lagoon

Cœlum, non animum mutant, qui trans mare currunt.
Strenua nos exercet inertia, navibus atque
Quadrigis petimus bene vivere; quod petis hic est.

Those who cross the sea change their sky, not their mind. A busy idleness possesses them, they seek a happy life, with ships and carriages: the object of their search is present with them.
Horace, Epistles, I. 11. 27.

This is not an ordinary tour but a truly enjoyable Journey, highly recommended. You will explore the northern islands of the Venetian lagoon, admire the island-scape, discover suggestive places and relax in the multi-coloured Burano.

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L’arte del “vero”

Da Branoalcollo, L’arte del “vero”

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