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The stone that speaks | La pietra che parla

Tintoretto’s House | Casa del Tintoretto | Cannaregio 1881

In the Cannaregio district, you can see a Latin inscription saying this:

Passer-by, do not ignore the ancient house of Jacopo Robusti, known as Tintoretto. From here countless paintings, masterly made by his paintbrush and his fine brain, were sent everywhere in order to be admired publicly and privately.

You would be happy to know that, thanks to the zeal of the actual landlord.


Nel sestiere di Cannaregio, si può vedere questa iscrizione latina che dice:

Non ignorare, viandante, l’antica casa di Jacopo Robusti, detto il Tintoretto. Di qui per ogni dove si diffusero innumerevoli dipinti, mirabili pubblicamente e privatamente, realizzati magistralmente con fine ingegno dal suo pennello. Ti farà piacere saperlo grazie alla solerzia dell’attuale proprietario.


What are you waiting for? Che aspettate?


La pietra che parla | The stone that speaks

Venezia, Campo San Maurizio ©venicebyvenice


Giorgio Baffo era un nobile veneziano, membro della Quarantia Criminale. Amava comporre versi erotici che declamava durante le feste. Censurato fino all’800. Venne particolarmente apprezzato da Federico Berchet e Guillaume Apollinaire.

Amico di Giacomo Casanova, e sostenitore della famiglia Grimani.

Tra i vari annedoti si racconta che un giorno la madre di Casanova, l’attrice Zanetta Farussi, andò a trovare il figlio a casa del Baffo e a stento lo riconobbe, con addosso la parrucca bionda. A cena un ospite inglese discutendo delle differenze grammaticali tra latino e inglese chiese perché in latino cunnus (vagina) fosse un nome maschile e mentula (penis) fosse femminile.

Il giovane Casanova rispose subito:

Perché lo schiavo prende il nome dal suo padrone.

A tradurre dal latino fu Giorgio Baffo…



Giorgio Baffo was a Venetian nobleman, member of the Quarantia Criminal. He loved writing erotic poetry that he read at parties. Censored until the XIXth century. He was particularly loved by Federico Berchet and Guillaume Apollinaire.

Casanova’s friend and supporter of the Grimani’s family.

Among various anedoctes on his life, it is told that one day, Casanova’s mother, the actress Zanetta Farussi went to see her son at Baffo’s residence and she could hardly recognize him wearing a blond wig. At dinner, while discussing the grammatical difference between English and Latin, an English guest asked why cunnus (vagina) was a masculine noun and mentula (penis) was feminine.

The young Casanova promptly replied:

It is because the slave takes his name from his master.

Giorgio Baffo translated from Latin…


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Autumn 2019 in Venice

Dear All,

Some interesting news on the new exhibitions/shows in Venice for the European Heritage Days on September 21 and September 22.

Tomorrow there will be a great opening, a new exhibition, curated by Karole Vail, dedicated to the art collector Peggy Guggenheim, The Last Dogaressa, from September 21 to January 27 at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

In the same days you can also visit the Old Lazzaretto island, which usually does not offer a public transport service.

Don’t miss the story-telling event on Venetian Legends and ghost stories organised at the Ca’ D’Oro Gallery, presented by the writer Alberto Toso Fei on September 21, 9.00 pm.




Save the date – season 2018

Dear All,

Hope you had a lovely holiday season, let’s start the new year with some interesting news.

Some of you have already contacted me for tours in Venice next summer, but before that, here’s a list of things you may find interesting while coming to Venice NOW.

Carnival starts January 27th and ends February 13th 2018. For the official info on all the events organised in Venice, you can visit this link – there is also a booking app for hotels/accomodation.

Pontedeisospiri.©CarlaBonollo.jpgAs regards exhibitions and things to do this year, don’t forget to visit the masterpieces by the one and only Tintoretto, nickname for the Venetian artist Jacopo Robusti, born in Venice 500 years ago. A Tintoretto tour can be part of your next agenda.

The International Biennale will be held as usual in May, and will be dedicated to ARCHITECTURE. It will take place from May 26th to November 25th 2018, at the Giardini, the Arsenale and other venues around the city. The chosen theme is Freespace, as Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara state “Freespace describes a generosity of spirit and a sense of humanity at the core of architecture’s agenda, focusing on the quality of space itself.”

After the successful TREASURES FROM THE WRECK OF THE UNBELIEVABLE exhibition by Damien Hirst at Palazzo Grassi, the next show will be centred on the German contemporary artist Albert Oelhen, while at Punta della Dogana, there will be a collective show on the representation of the self, entitled Dancing with myself, from the Sixties to nowadays.

This is just a short account of all the places you may want to visit during your next trip to Venice. For any other info regarding walks and other possible tours, please do not hesitate to contact me privately.

I look forward to seeing you soon in Venice, enjoy and have fun!






Hello world: a brief presentation

Streets full of water, please advise

Robert Blenchey

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Another one? Well, yes, the idea is to describe the city from a local perspective, as a licensed tour guide and as a foresta (a dialect word meaning somebody from outside) who’s been living on the island for the past twenty years.

The name in itself recalls the city in its reflective power, expressing an attitude, a mirror image giving life to other possible views.



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