The principle aspect of my personality

Changing while remaining the same.

The quality that I desire in a man

Good taste.

The quality that I desire in a woman


What I appreciate most about my friends

Presents, visits and a laugh.

My main fault


My favorite occupation


My dream of happiness

Chilled Prosecco, green olives, crisps and some cicchetti. I provide the setting.

What would be my greatest fear

Apart from sinking, global warming, coastal erosion and a resurgence of malaria in the Mediterranean, I tend to stay positive.

What I should like to be

Slightly taller.

The country where I should like to live

I am a country on my own.

My favourite colour

Water green.

The flower that I like

Artemisia coerulescens.

My favorite bird

I’d prefer a winged lion.

My favorite poets

Dante, enough with Antonio Lamberti’s La Biondina in gondoleta, Giorgio Baffo strikes a the foresti Ezra Pound and Josif Brodskij.

My heroes in fiction

I won’t forget Fornaretto.

My favorite heroines in fiction

Zanetta Farussi and her characters.

My favorite composers

Oldies but goldies:

Te vogio ben, ma mai no stago quieto

Perchè i t’à messo nome Morosina,

E no voria balar a quel baletto

Che divertir m’ha fato a la Pasina,

Cò me voleva ben siora Costanza

Che col bel impianton m’ha dao l’usanza..

Popular songs, classical music and Luigi Nono on odd years like the Biennale.

My favorite painters

Here I’m in real trouble if I forget anyone, so I say all artists, all of you out there that have spent time, talents, money and energies in giving me multiple lives.

My heroes in real life

Actv water bus commuters.

My heroines in history

The female musicians of La Pietà.

My favorite names

Serenissima but I don’t mind Benátky, Benechia – ベネチア , Benechia / Penech’ia – 베네치아 , Benetke , al-Bunduqīya, Enetía-Ενετία, Feneyjar, Fenis, Mleci, Vaniescha, An Veinéis, Velence, Venècia, Venecia, Venēcija, Venecija, Venecija – Venecija , Mletke, Veneciya – Venecija, Veneciya, Venecija, Veneco, Venedig, Venedik, Venesia, Veneetsia, Venetía – Βενετία, Veneţia, Venesië, Venetië, Venetik, Venetsia, Veneza, Venezia, Venezja, Venise, Venetsye – װענעציע, Weinisi – 威尼斯, Wenecja, Venetië / Venies, Vignesie, Unieja, Venexia.

What I hate most of all


Historical figures that I despise the most

Let sleeping dogs lie.

The military event that I admire the most

I still recall the war of Chioggia, the rest is smoke.

The gift of nature that I would like to have

I was told that I have to rely on this “new” engineering project against high water, they call it Mose, otherwise a pair of inflatable wings might be handy.

How I want to die

In my sleep, as late as possible.

My present state of mind


Faults for which I have the most indulgence

Temporary amnesia.

My motto

Pax tibi Marce.


Interview: Proust Questionnaire compiled by Carla Bonollo @Venicebyvenice

Photo: courtesy of NASA