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Happy Holidays

Dear All,

Thank you for your visits and bookings! Wishing you all Happy Holidays, hoping to see you soon in VENICE.

Here few dates to remember if you are planning to come to Venice in the next six months:

January 6th Epiphany

February 4th – February 21st – CARNIVAL

April 25th – Liberation Day and in Venice St Mark’s Day

May 20th – November 26th – Biennale ARCHITECTURE curated by Lesley Lokko, The Laboratory of the Future

Festa del Redentore, July 15th – 16th

Wishing you all the Best, if you need further info, please do not hesitate to contact me via email and do not forget to subscribe to my Venetian blog!

Care Tutte/i

Grazie per le visite e le prenotazioni! Auguro a tutte/i Buone Feste, sperando di vedervi presto a Venezia.

Qui alcune date da ricordare se deciderete di venire a Venezia nei prossimi sei mesi:

6 Gennaio Epifania / Befana

Carnevale dal 4 al 21 Febbraio

San Marco e Festa della Liberazione 25 Aprile

Dal 20 Maggio al 26 Novembre Biennale di Architettura curata da Lesley Lokko, Il Laboratorio del Futuro

Festa del Redentore dal 15 al 16 Luglio

Vi auguro tutto il meglio e se avete bisogno di ulteriori informazioni non esitate a contattarmi via mail e ricordatevi di iscrivervi al mio blog veneziano!

Un grande abbraccio


Buone Feste! Happy Holidays

Dear All,

It’s been a tough year, wishing you a relaxing time with your beloved ones, hoping to see you soon in Venice

Cari Tutti,

è stato un anno duro, vi auguro momenti di relax con i vostri cari, sperando di vedervi presto a Venezia

Winter season

Whatever reason will bring you to visit Venice in the winter season, it will be worth it!

Remember also that from December 17th up to January 9th, Palazzo Ducale and Museum Correr will be open until 11.00 pm.

“O Venezia benedetta,
No te vogio più lasar.”

Inscription by Isabella Stewart Gardner in her travel book

(Blessed Venice,

I don’t want to leave you anymore)

Venetian recollections | Diego Valeri

Here everything becomes a painting, everything turns into a painting. As there is nothing we can do against this sky, this water, this air, that mysteriously turn bricks and stones and geometries into pure colour and pictorial value. This city’s intimate essence, its very structure is made of paint. Who wants to have a real proof of this has to consider that here the genius loci has found a real expression and a final accomplishment in the painters’ works, here and only here.

Diego Valeri, A sentimental guide to Venice

SoundCloud versione italiana

Interesting exhibitions in Venice

Dear All,

Here’s a list of other interesting exhibitions that you can you see in Venice right now.

1. A rarity, Collection Zaleski at CA’ D’ORO SERENISSIME TRAME an interplay between the art of tapestry – ancient carpets from Iran and the Far East – and a visual representation in ancient paintings. Running from March 23rd until July 23rd.

2. Hieronymus Bosch at Palazzo Ducale, from February 18th to June 4th.

3. A precious collection of dressed Madonnas in a beautiful location, Museo Diocesano di Sant’Apollinare, Museum of Sacred Art.

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